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Digital Experience Management Platform

Continual maintenance and feature development for the backend CMS platform that powers

Timeline: Ongoing

Team: 4 engineers, project manager, director of marketing, marketing ops, sales director, VP of marketing

My role

As part of my role at Crownpeak, I was responsible for maintaining the CMS platform that powered our main customer facing website, I worked with an overseas engineering team to develop new templates, features, and fix bugs within the platform; writing requirements documentation and creating wireframes and mocks when needed. In order to determine the work that needed to be done, I received direction from marketing and sales on what functionalities were needed to run new campaigns. My own work within the CMS helped identify pain points and bugs within the platform. 

Sample screenshot of CMS platform


Time and language barriers: Our development team was based in Istanbul. Directions often got lost in translation or misinterpreted. 

Solution: We developed a specific project template to clarify the deliverables for each project. This document explained what we needed, why we needed it, and what steps we were suggesting to complete it. 

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