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The idea for NBC Sports Gold was conceived by the business to combat the rise of cord-cutting as well as give users on demand access to more niche sporting events that may not be broadcasted on traditional cable.

Timeline: My involvement in this project lasted approximately 4 months until it’s launch in 2016 with continued maintenance.

Team: 2 Product Managers, Associate Product Manager, Digital Producer (Me), 3-4 engineers, UX designer, Product Marketing Manager.

My role

My primary role in this project was managing the development of the main and individualized sport landing pages for the launch of NBC’s new direct-to-consumer subscription service, NBC Sports Gold. I sat on a cross-functional team to determine copy and user purchase flow. I wrote up product requirements documentation for the design team and engineers. With support from the engineering team, I developed the pages using a combination of our custom Drupal CMS and an ecommerce platform that handled the pricing and purchase flow. Engineers provided support connecting the page with our payment processors and login experience.

I also participated in running competitive analyses against similar services like FuboTV and ESPN+.

My final role in this project was writing acceptance criteria and running UAT through the purchase and login functionalities. I logged bugs and created JIRA tickets for the engineering team during the QA process.

NBC Sports Gold Landing Page
NBC Sports Gold Schedule Page


Thinking Mobile First: 70% of our web traffic comes from mobile devices. This is something that is often overlooked by marketing and executive teams. As a result, this can cause tension when trying to compromise on content and design.

Solution: We solved this problem with a show, don’t tell approach. The designer and I built the page with the information provided by marketing. When we presented the page to the team, it was obvious that the content provided was too heavy, forcing them to cut it down to only the essential information.

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