Rio Summer Olympics – 2016

Rio NBC Olympics logo

Product Overview: served as the hub for all information on the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics. Hundreds of pages of content includes information on athletes, event schedules and results, live streaming, and on demand video content.

Timeline: Ongoing through the games, ~6 months

Team: Senior Product Manager, UX designer, design lead, product marketing, 2-3 engineers (that I personally worked with), broadcast production team

My role

I was responsible fo the development and maintenance of nearly a dozen customized informative and interactive content pages for as well as some on-air graphics and integrations, in collaboration with engineering, design and marketing. These pages included a merch store, athlete profile pages, event schedules interactive social media experiences. I provided guidance on design and layout and technical capabilities of our CMS platform and third-party integrations.

Additionally, I participated in running UAT on live streaming functionalities and monitoring social engagement.

NBC Olympics homepage home page.

Emmy Award statue
2016 Emmy Award Winner: Outstanding Trans-media sports coverage


Technical Challenges: This project involved a lot of different third-party integrations for social media initiatives as well as the merch store. Integrations were prone to issues and required multiple teams with competing priorities to fix.

Solution: As the producer in charge of maintaining these pages during the games, it was my responsibility to diagnose the problem and write a clear report for the engineers to work off of in solving the problem. For example the merch store involved a complex integration that required support from engineers and an external vendor. Writing a clear bug report and keeping in constant communication with these teams was crucial.

Solution: Making sure updates were made timely and accurately required an efficient project management strategy and constant communication with marketing and production teams. JIRA and slack were used to provide quick and clear instructions for needed changes. Content calendars were provided by marketing and sales teams.

Deadlines: With the games taking place around the clock, updates were constant. Schedules and results needed to be updated constantly. Social/interactive features needed to be monitored constantly.

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