2020: That was weird

I’m sure there are harsher words that could be used, but I can’t help feeling like I’ve been having an out of body experience for the last year. Seriously, WTF was that? It seems silly in some ways to act like we all woke up on January 1st and suddenly everything was fine and different. But it’s somewhat comforting to be able to a pinpoint a fresh start, even if it’s just symbolic.

Looking back at the past year, nothing went as planned. I didn’t get my dream job. I didn’t meet any cool new people. I didn’t blog as much as I had planned. I didn’t travel any cool new places. I’m still not rich enough to retire.

But I DID play a lot of video games. Built a robot out of Lego, finally saw every (or any) Star Wars movie. Did some cool art projects. Realized that even introverts crave social interactions. Left a job I hated.

Now I won’t say getting let go in the middle of a global pandemic was good, but I cannot express to you how much we as a society undervalue the feeling of waking up without existential dread. It’s great, really. I’m not sure what my plan is going forward, but I will say this year has only reinforced my perspective that American workplace culture goes against human nature and has to change. If anything good comes from the pandemic I hope it is openness to more flexible work schedules. I could write a whole other blog post on that.

So here’s to 2021

Here’s to meeting new people

Here’s to generating an income in a way that does not suck the life out of me

Here’s to building cool shit

Here’s to this country getting its shit together and actually implementing an effective vaccine distribution plan so we can get out of our fucking houses

Here’s to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (I didn’t know how to end this just go with it)

Thank you for reading this messy ass blog post. And Happy New Year! Or just Mediocre New Year! Let’s not set the bar too high.

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